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Free Rifle Rack Plan

Check Out The Building Plans Below!

Build the gun rack shown on the right with just a few tools using scraps laying around your shop!

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This Rifle Rack Plan is only one design of many possibilities to store rifles and shot guns!  If you would like to replicate it, follow the simple directions below.


Material List:

One, 1 x 6 x 8' (Use a hardwood or composite; do not use pine; pine will break when the side panels are cut)

One, 1 x 2 x 2'

Two pieces, 1/4" plywood, 5 1/2" x 4 1/2"

One piece, 1/8" backboard, 2' x 2'

1 1/2" brads and wood glue

Step 1  - Select 1 x 6 and cut two pieces to 24" length for side panels.

Step 2 - Select the 1 x 6 and cut two pieces to 22 1/2" length for storage area.

Step 3 - Select the 1 x 2 and cut one piece to 22 1/2" in length for top brace.

Step 4 - Select the 1/4" x 5 1/2" plywood and cut two pieces to 4 1/2" for spacers for storage area.

Step 5 - Dry fit all the pieces to confirm proper fit.

Step 6 - Assemble the base storage area.  Select the two pieces of 1 x 6 x 22 1/2" and the two pieces of plywood, 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 4 1/2".  Using a box corner jig and other corner jigs, assemble, glue, and nail together the four pieces. 

Option:  Do not assemble this storage area box at this time; use the 1/4" plywood as spacers only, not as permanent side pieces.

Step 7- Select the two, 1 x 6 side panels; mark the location of the base storage space, 6",  and layout the pattern for cutting the rifle slots.  Notice the slots on the right side (the side that will hold the rifle barrels) are drawn one inch higher; this is so the rifle barrels will rest level.

Step 8- Cut out the side panels; using a band saw, coping saw, or rotary saw, cut out the panels; I used a 2 1/8" hole cutter to cut out the round slots. 

Step 9- Assemble the gun rack; assemble the side panels to the base storage area. 

Note:  Use the 1/4" plywood storage area sides as spacers only; after attaching the bottom and top of the storage area to the side panels, you can dispose of the spacers.

Step 10- Assemble the top brace; Select 1 x 2  and place the top cross brace 5" down from the top edge; use two 2" wood screws on each end to secure the brace in place (counter sink the holes). 

Note:  Use this Top Cross Brace to secure the gun rack to a wall.

Step 11- Assemble the Back panel; Select the 2' x 2' back panel and nail it into place with 1" brads.   

Your Gun Rack is now complete and ready for painting or staining to suit your personal needs; use wood putty to fill all the nail/screw holes and sand before you finish your rack.  Use the top support brace to secure the Gun Rack to the wall using 2 1/2" woodscrews into two studs.  You can now keep your rifles displayed high and ready to protect the homestead; enjoy.

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